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And if you call me at 4 am, too sad to even say hello, I will listen to your silence until you fall asleep. If you need to cry I will not wipe your tears away because you are only human and sometimes tears are as close to laughter as you can get and that’s okay. If you get sleepy I will let you drool on my arm and I won’t laugh at you if you snore too loud. If you need to yell so hard that your voice cracks and your knees fail I will hold you up and yell with you. If you get so angry you punch your hands red I will ice your knuckles and tell you that wounds heal both inside and out, and just like the cold that is harsh and burning, I will always be the warmth to soothe you and make you feel better. I will love you. (via lntroductions)

My Most Current Test Prep Routine



My last few midterms for Psychology went quite successfully, so I wanted to share some things I did to prepare for them!

1. Read textbook before coming to class. Take notes on the key terms and leave some blank spaces between the terms.

2. In class, listen closely and add lecture notes to the textbook notes. I’ve found that it works best for me that way. My textbook notes are written in black and the lecture notes are added in blue. I’ve always been worried about integrating my notes, but it seems that this certain color coding technique works out nicely!

3. Make flashcards along with the lecture. Every day after school I take out my notes (remember, textbook and lecture notes) and make quick flashcards. It ends up being about 10-15 a day and if you make them online (Quizlet, StudyBlue, etc.), it only takes about 20-30 minutes + is a good review.

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